I imagine alternate realities through photography, digital retouching and drawing. 
In my work, I like that everything is thought out, that the whole is harmonious, sublimated to create photographs that are as realistic as possible, while opening the door to new visual metaphors. 
This allows me to achieve a certain vision of art to which I aspire and also to channel certain emotions and sublimate them, like an autobiographical reflection to be explored through self-portraiture.

Through photo manipulation, I create surreal images focused on identity, relationships, emotions and dreams, to capture both the complex strength and fragility of the human psyche.
In my work, I stage the female body, exploring questions of female representation and the relationship between body and self.

Sometimes people ask me why I distort reality with my photos and why I don't follow the traditional idea of ​​photography. But why settle for the ordinary if we can achieve the impossible?
Charlene Planche is a Surreal Photographer. Born in 1994, she grew up in a small town called Clermont-Ferrand in the middle of France.
Her interest in photography began at the age of sixteen, when she won a national photography competition with her very first photomontage.
Graduated from ENSASE in 2018, Charlene devoted two years to graphic research, inspired by travels and her experience in the associative environment, confronting her with other realities.
From there, she began to self-teach Fine Art Photography and fell in love with the process and possibilities of the digital medium. Her gaze is directed towards creations combining portrait and direction, seeking to see how far to transform reality while remaining at the service of the narrative and emotions it seeks to provoke. Charlene worked commercially as a Graphist/Photographer and Art Director before moving into the art world.
Charlene's work has been exhibited and published internationally. Most recently, her series “Au fils du chemin” is exhibited in the permanent collection of the town of Renage. In September 2022, the Annonay Premier Film Festival commissioned her to create a creation dedicated to representing their 40th edition. At the end of 2022, she held her debut solo exhibition “D'un monde à l'autre” at Sofffa Terreaux in Lyon. In 2023, she is one of the 21 artists invited for the Agapè exhibition, a double exhibition in resonance in the Art Show and Bohosphere art galleries.
Charlene currently resides in Lyon, France.

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